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Rabu, 17 Agustus 2011


i can`t smile since the day
When I was dreaming about you
You were dreaming of me
Did I lose my soulmate
Been lonely since the day
When our hearts were one
You know I really really love
So sad but true
I want to say: i`ll always love love you
After said that
I was done
two hearts were one
My heart go on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I always remember Date and time
1 may and 26 juny, When our dinner, etc
Something we'll never have again
“I hope tomorrow is better”
This is what I pray

But right now my heart is broken
will not let myself
cause my hearth so much misery
you fell so hard
so i ashamed of my life
i cry in the middle of the night

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